Brokoli Network Introduces Its SELF Owned BRO NFT

Brokoli recently launched its native token $BRKL, the ecosystem token of its impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money. Your DeFi transactions on Brokoli plant NFT Trees: a tradable asset that earns passive income.

By using Brokoli’s Green Defi products, you’ll plant trees — these trees are then given to your NFT BRO in the metaverse as digital forests. Digital Forests will function as a tradable asset, whereby users will be able to buy and sell their impact peer-to-peer or to a third party (companies, NGOs, influencers)

Brokoli Metaverse

To enter the metaverse, you’ll need a key. Your BRO is your key:

  • Common BROs — Common NFT BROs give you the chance to play the Brokoli Game. They’re the ‘everyday BROs’ — essential for the metaverse, but not as strong in their abilities.
  • Special BROs — Special NFT BROs are the fourth rarest kind, and they give you early access to unique in-game assets: planets and different NFT Tree Species.
  • Rare BROs — Rare NFT BROs are the third rarest kind, and they unlock the Brokoli Impact Marketplace where you can sell your impact to enable play-to-earn.
  • Epic BROS — Epic NFT BROs are the 2nd rarest in the Metaverse. These BROs will have access to secret BRKL staking pools and will access APY boosts unattainable to less equal BROs.
  • Legendary BROs — Legendary NFT BROs are the rarest, and they’re the hardest to find in the metaverse. Legendary NFT BROs will have access to an exclusive yield farm governed by the most sophisticated strategies, giving them the ability to earn much more BRKL compared to less equal users in the Metaverse.

ABOUT Brokoli Network
Brokoli is an impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money.

Brokoli’s core: Environmentally friendly gateway into the most popular DEXs and dApps.

For more info:
Homepage | Telegram | Twitter | Announcements | TikTok | Discord



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