Bird World Global Ambassador Supporters Program

BirdBlaster We need You !!!

With the growth of our user base, we are now undertaking a recruitment plan for Bird World Global Supporters Program

Who Can Participate?

We are looking for ambassadors who can assist the team in promoting media content, expanding, and engaging with the community. Also maintaining the brand image of BirdWorld

The following are not mandatory requirements, just some preferences.

  • Experienced crypto users who have a great interest in BirdWorld
  • Defi, Games & Metaverse influencers with 1k and above followers on Twitter, Telegram, or Medium.
  • Technical writers who have extensive Crypto/GameFi industry knowledge and can dive into the discussions about Gamfi — Metaverse
  • Users who are able to create clear yet insightful graphics or visuals for Bird World brand content when needed.
  • Provide valuable feedback and suggestions for BirdWorld improvements.

The 3 objectives of the BirdWorld Global Supporters Program

Three Categories of Ambassadors:
👉Content Creators: Tasked with the responsibility of creating Memes, Banners, Infographics, Short videos, Gifs, etc from published announcements.

👉Shilling Ambassadors: Use the provided content to create unique posts to be shared on the various allowed media.

👉Community Chatterbox: They must understand the project ecosystem, offerings, and use-cases so as to enable them to have meaningful conversations in the community.

What you’ll earn

  • The Ambassador rewards will be performance-based and distributed monthly depending on the quality and engagement. We will also have a special achievement bonus allocated to the Best Supporters the month.
  • Direct access to executive members behind BirdWorld and learn from their expertise and mentorship.
  • Exclusive growth path, quickly accumulate blockchain work experience
  • Roles on Telegram

If you meet the criteria stated above, then, please go ahead and apply.

👇 Please fill out and submit the form below, introduce yourself and our team will contact you via Telegram in hours.

Application Submission Timeline :
31st March — 15th April

You are Early. Join us now

We are nurturing a community filled with meaningful and Rich Crypto & Metaverse NFT conversations, please do drop by on our, Telegram, or Twitter (Links below).

About Bird World

Birds World is a decentralized AVG game crafted by the top technical teams of many countries including the Blizzard team by integrating blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, meta-universe, DAO, and other technologies and concepts, users can not only enjoy an outstanding and rich gaming experience but also earn revenue through gaming skills.

Join BirdWorld

Discord :



Medium :

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Shubham Maheshwari

Shubham Maheshwari

Crypto Enthusiast Writer

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