A View of Phuture Index System

Index investing has been around for a long time in the traditional finance space. It is crucial in traditional asset management, and these management companies have made trillions of dollars from this. Studies show that close to half of the value that is being held in the stock market in the United States is controlled by index funds. This goes to show that it is an important feature in traditional finance and asset management.

With what is on the ground, it is believed that as time goes on traditional finance will merge with decentralized finance, and Phuture Finance is at the forefront of making this happen. It is supporting the growth of index products, which will bring in massive capital flow to the crypto space. Not only will it do this, but it will also convince traditional finance users to try out decentralized financial packages because they are both linked and complement each other.

As the blockchain space continues to grow, users will begin to seek those products that will offer them diversified exposures, and this is what the index will do.

With Phuture, Indexing will become a crucial part of the decentralized finance space through the following:

Index assets are kept in a vault, and this ecosystem has two vaults for users to store their index assets. The first Phuture’s vault is meant to store fixed weight indices, while the second stores' dynamic indices.

Phuture Finance has the features to allow users to manage their index assets and even store them seamlessly.



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