Brokoli Network brings for your an ultimate earn and learns opportunity for everyone.

Participate in Brokoli Universit complete weekly or monthly free courses and get paid in NFTs, Yes I am saying truth you can get Brokoli Network NFTs by getting completing courses and giving exams, Also you need to get a pass-through google form test


Learn about #Brokoli and get paid NFTs
First university that PAYS YOU and not the other way around
We’re innovating #crypto everyday
9 months, 9 rewards, 9 levels

GET ACCESS NOW : https://university.brokoli.network/share/hki9pS3D_MdV-AhX?utm_source=manual

What’s Brokoli University?

Brokoli University is home to Brokoli Network supporters interested in learning, understanding, and eventually leading the Brokoli community forward.

What is Brokoli Network?

What is Brokoli Network?

Brokoli created an impact-to-earn #NFT #metaverse in which climate change generates revenue. Your Brokoli Defi transactions generate NFT Trees, a tradable asset that generates passive income.

Where Can You Find Brokoli Network?

🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/BrokoliNetwork
📩 Telegram https://t.me/brokolinetwork
📚 Medium https://brokolinetwork.medium.com
👾 Discord http://discord.gg/brokolinetwork
🌐 Website https://brokoli.network



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