$16,000 Tree Planting Vote 🌳🌎

Voting is Free and GASSLESS Snapshot Labs ⚡

February: $16,000 Tree Planting Vote 🌳🌎

Welcome to the first vote of the Climate Parliament DAO 🥦

1. Connect your wallet
2. Research projects
3. Choose one, press ‘vote’ and sign with your wallet

Voting is gassless & green using @SnapshotLabs 📢


Welcome to the first vote of the Climate Parliament DAO.

This week, we are testing our new Climate Parliament DAO voting system on Snapshot, allowing our holders, staked holders & SEED holders to vote on which climate projects will be funded first. 🌎

You’re eligible to participate if You:

own $BRKL in your non-custodial wallet (like Metamask) on BSC or ETH

own $BRKL staked at Tokensfarm single staking farms 1 & 2

own $BRKL-$BUSD staked at Tokensfarm LP farm 3

own SEED tokens received by using our products

This marks yet another milestone in Brokoli’s pioneering journey to make crypto green 🌳

1 $BRKL staked equals 1 voting point power. 1 $BRKL-$BUSD LP token equals 2 voting points. 1 $SEED token equals 10 voting points.

We will allocate $16,000 for tree planting with the project that collects the most votes. The vote will run until the end of February.

Research: https://dao.brokoli.network/

🇮🇳 Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF):


🇲🇽 Naturalia:


🇧🇷 Grupo Ambiental Natureza Bela:


🇻🇳 Gaia Nature Conservation Centre:


To vote, connect your wallet and choose one of the options below, then click vote.

Go green with $BRKL.

About Brokoli Network

Brokoli is an impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money.

Your DeFi transactions on Brokoli plant NFT Trees: a tradable asset that earns passive income.

Brokoli’s core: Environmentally friendly gateway into the most popular DEXs and dApps.

API: Any blockchain platform (centralised or decentralised) can implement our API to allow users to opt-in to a small climate fee that offsets their transaction’s footprint.

Digital Forest / Brokoli Impact Credits: Users receive NFTs based on trees they have funded the planting of by using our products and completing daily quests. Digital NFT forests will be tradable as Brokoli Impact Credits: Corporate Social Responsibility standard loosely pegged to real forests and purchased by corporate partners.

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